Masonry Technology

The Masonry Technology short certificate program trains students in the basic concepts of building construction, including brick veneering, cement finishing, and cinder block installation.  The program utilizes a specialized lab and classroom for practical learning.

The program includes:

  • Mixing concrete materials
  • Setting and laying block
  • Brick, chimney blockMasonry photograph
  • Ornamental brick work
  • Laying masonry units to the line
  • Erecting walls, chimneys
  • Brick and block piers
  • Brick arches
  • Plastering
  • Stone veneer work

Students will learn how to square and build foundations. as well as forming and pouring concrete.  Basic skill development in the use of trowels, brick rule, 水平, 凌日, and blueprint reading will be emphasized.

Program Information

Mr. Rodney Warfield


办公室: 334-687-3543 ext. 2634

Degree Offered: Short Term Certificate

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