2023 SOAR Sessions

Dothan Campus – Rane Hall:
December 5 – 1:00 p.m.



Sparks Campus-ATN Auditorium:
December 5 – 1:00 p.m.

2023 SOAR Sessions

Dothan Campus:


Sparks Campus:

SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising, & Registration): is offered each semester for entering college freshmen. SOAR is designed to give first-time college students an opportunity to get acclimated to campus life at Wallace Community College, to become familiar with specific College policies, and to register for their classes. It is strongly recommended that all entering freshmen attend a SOAR session.

For more information, please contact Daymesha Reed at 334-556-2477 or by email at dreed@vastbriefing.com.

Prior to attending SOAR:

  1. Be sure to complete the WCC application for general admission and have any financial aid applications completed.
  2. Click SOAR Overview and complete  SOAR OVERVIEW
  3. Incoming first-time college students with dual-enrollment or accelerated high school credit must have all official college transcript(s) sent to WCC.
  4. Read through your degree plan and guided pathway for your intended major to understand what classes you have to select for registration.  Also, browse the “Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers” video/instruction link, “Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers”
  5. Wallace Community College Guided Pathways .
  6. Current course schedules will be posted soon. Once publicized, you can find class listings here – http://www.vastbriefing.com/ocs.